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Unit Trust Registry Services

One Registry Services’ managed funds division provides ongoing unit registry maintenance to wholesale and retail unit trusts.

One Registry Services has evolved into a specialist provider of unit trust registry and related services

Unit Trust ongoing registry maintenance offered by One Registry Services include:

  • Processing application forms for new and additional investors;
  • Complying with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006;
  • Know Your Client (“KYC”): taking reasonable steps to determine the true identity of all investors, including beneficial owners, as required under the relevant legislation;
  • Reconciliation of the applications bank account;
  • Processing redemption requests and paying redemption proceeds;
  • Facilitating off-market transfer requests;
  • Calculating and paying distributions of income or returns of capital;
  • Reconciliation of the distribution bank account;
  • Preparation and sending Distribution Statements and Annual Tax Statements;
  • Compliance reporting;
  • Preparation and sending Unit Holder Statements;
  • Processing changes to unit holder’s registered details or elections;
  • Report packages for fund managers;
  • Dealing with investor and advisor enquiries;
  • Preparation and lodging quarterly Tax File Number (“TFN”) reports and Annual Investment Income Reports (“AIIR”) with the Australian Tax Office;
  • Preparation and sending Annual Periodic Exit Statements for registered managed investment schemes (“MIS”); and
  • Ongoing customer due diligence monitoring and reporting.